Thursday, 19 July 2007

Nerve Centre

Well, this is where it is at. The nerve centre of our operation..........the kettle! On being paged the mechanic's first task is to get on board the boat, turn on the batteries and then turn on the boiler. What amazes me is how rough it can be and yet still be possible to make and drink a cup of coffee. Great stuff. Next to it is a caravan style pump linked to a water bottle for refilling it while at sea. There have been occasions when this has run out and we have been reduced to syphoning water out of the windscreen washer bottles in order to refill the boiler..........priorities.
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Anonymous said...

Try and remember your mechanic training. Its

1. Turn on batteries
2. Start engines (very important)
3. Put on kettle


lifeboatjohn said...

Turns out I don't know quite as much about being a mechanic as I thought!


Anonymous said...

and point
4.make coxen black coffe one sugar.

5.check engines for water.

Now we can get a move on,
and were are we going ???

Anonymous said...

Such Mechanical amateurs . . it takes aprox 45 mins for the kettle to get anything like hot enough to make coffee . . therefore:

4. Launch boat (can't do 5 otherwise)
5. Check engines for water
6. Wait 45 mins then get a probationer to make the Coxn coffee