Saturday, 30 June 2007

Fiddlers Green

Have you ever wondered what happens to old lifeboats when they get replaced? In the case of Inshore Lifeboats they often get used for a period of time in the relief fleet or in the training fleet. In the case of our old 'D' class 'Phyll Clare', she went over to Poole to be used in the training fleet. As 'D' class bloats are the most plentiful in the fleet this is also the largest training fleet at Headquarters. The photo here shows them tied (extremely neatly I might say) alongside the pontoon ready for the next class. It certainly couldn't be said that they don't earn their keep. I guess that pound for pound they are the best value lifeboat in the fleet and provide for very cheap rescues.

As I walked by the dockside one evening so fair
To view the still waters and take the salt air,
I heard an old fisherman singing this song,
Won't you take me away boys, my time isn't long.
Wrap me up in my old oilskins and jumpers,
No more on the docks I'll be seen,
Just tell me old shipmates I'm taking a trip, mates,
And I'll see you someday in Fiddler's Green.

(John Connelly)

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Matt said...

Its kind of sad,its like a home for rescue boats!