Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Real Live Rescue

Some months ago now we spent one Sunday morning exercising in fairly rough weather with some local sea kayakers. The idea was for us as a crew to get used to dealing with the specific issues to be found whilst dealing with a particular type of craft.I also used this exercise as the basis for a short article in Canoe Kayak UK magazine. The idea being to raise awareness of what can be expected from the rescue services and to give a rough idea of what might happen should a sea kayaker have to call the Coastguard.This has now been published and features some great photographs shot by fellow crew member Paul Elleray. I'm delighted with the article and think Paul's photos look superb.........what a talented chap he is!


Mart said...

Fantastic. You should be proud. Is there anyway of enlarging the article slightly so it is readable online?

lifeboatjohn said...

Thanks Mart, um, not sure about enlarging.......if you double click th eimage it pops up in a new window larger, you may then be able to zoom into this and read.



ps school sports day today hence the silence!

Mart said...

No worries, I tried that and I can sort of make it out. Not a problem though. Can see the pretty pictures ok!! lol

Hope sports day went ok and stayed dry. Are you aloud to have winners still at sports day? I know that is a big issue at the moment. lol