Thursday, 5 July 2007

Free Fallin'

Last night's exercise was good fun. We have had some windy weather recently so the seas out in the channel were pretty big. Ideal weather in fact for some realistic man over board practise and deploying the drogue. Indeed last night it was pretty hard to keep the boat going in the direction you wanted without the drogue. When the seas are reasonably large we also like to go out and just have a good run out to sea. This serves the purpose of giving new crewmembers a taste of the rough stuff but more importantly, gives the boat a good shake up (there's no better way to check if things are working properly than giving them some stick in rough weather). It's all great fun of course but bone jarring when you take off over a larger than average wave and free fall on the other side. In the picture we have just landed; I think Becky is enjoying herself?

And i'm free, free falling.
Yeah i'm free, free falling.

(Tom Petty)

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