Sunday, 11 March 2007

Shout - Dinghy in bay

No sooner had the crew packed away from this morning's exercise than our services were called on for the second time this weekend. At about 1300 I was just lifting my children into the car for our traditional Sunday afternoon trip to the town tip when my pager went off. Un-usually it was not a 'launch request Coastguard' page but 'launch ILB'. This often means that the launch is self-initiated (by one of our Cox's or DLA's) and that there is some urgency. I made the call not to respond as there were plenty of crew around and it was the ILB. As it happened a good call, there was soon a robust crew at the boathouse and in a short space of time they were on their way to the shout. It went something like this:

Crew: S. Williams (Helm), G. Steeden, Mt. Steeden

Details: The spring weather brought a number of sailing boats out for their first sail of the season from Swanage Sailing Club. Unfortunately, one of them suffered rigging failure and was spotted drifting in the middle of the bay by Sailing Club members. The alarm was raised and the ILB launched very quickly as a crew were available from the morning exercise. A tow quickly brought the Dart 18, ‘Clever Trevor’, back to the Sailing Club beach and the ILB was released back to station.

Fortunately no harm done, or at least nothing worse than dented pride! A job well done.

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