Friday, 16 March 2007

Counter Intuition

I have heard it said that one should never trust an estate-agent. May I suggest that you might want to reconsider this advice if he happened to be the only thing standing between you and aquatic safety?

Anthony is the latest in a line of Corbens who have been both Lifeboatmen and, that rarest of rare, honourable and trustworthy estate-agents.

You may wish to spare a thought for Anthony's old man, Dave. He has recently emerged from a hospital visit where he had one of his major internal organs fiddled with (and who says estate-agents have no heart?) Get well soon Dave.


Anonymous said...

Well, you must be thinking of moving soon then John. With such praise, I'm sure we can offer very favourable terms. Thanks for all the messages and cards, which have mean't so much. I am making a good recovery, as long as I do as I am told by Marion. The health service is like the RNLI, in that they are always there when you need them most. Keep up the good work. Maybe I will be fit enough again to come back onto the crew (only joking).


lifeboatjohn said...

You would be welcome back anytime Dave! In fact, I think your seat is still warm....but no, no immediate plans to move home.