Thursday, 1 March 2007

The girls who's world is spinning too fast for me

Last night's exercise was again a game of two halves. Each boat went to sea twice with a different crew so as to double the amount of training achieved.

Whilst the Mersey was at sea on the first trip I had the glad good fortune to be cornered by the glorious Becky........I may have mentioned previously her infinite organisational skills, well, it is she who quietly masterminds a good deal of the action for our lifeboat week in August. Off course there is a committee there to back her up, but we all know that we are just there to carry out her orders. Well, last night I was detailed off to organise the food again for our big evening do's on the Friday and Saturday nights. Off course Becky had the tact and good grace to make it sound like she was asking me and seeking my advise...........I think we both knew I was being told!

Never-the-less, what goes around comes around (or perhaps that should be .....what goes down might just come up), we then went to sea and during a period of my more exuberant boat driving in a reasonable sea poor old Becky's stomach got the better of her. Still, I think you'll agree, she didn't look to have suffered too greatly for the experience?

Kick off your flip-flops
And come dancing in the stream
Try and capture back that summer dream

(Colvin Quarmby)

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