Saturday, 10 March 2007

Shout - Cliff job

Well, it's happened again. We've had a shout. Another cliff job as it happened. Not a dog this time but a person. Thankfully all was well with them, from what we could work out they were just stuck.

We were called to assist the Coastguard who were in the process of recovering the casualties using a cliff rescue. As a result all we really did was sit there and pray that nothing went wrong. Bottom cover if you like. Off course the Swanage and St. Aldelhm coastguard teams did a magnificent job and both casualties were recovered very swiftly. Well done boys!

From the Swanage lifeboat website:

ILB Crew: S. Williams (Helm), T. Greasty, G. Steeden
ALB Crew: M. Steeden (Coxn), R. Aggas, D. Turnbull, J. Gilmour, P. Elleray, K. Dimarco, Mt. Steeden, J. Chadwick

The first 'Both boats' shout of 2007 came when Portland Coastguard requested that both the Swanage Lifeboats launch to assist with the recovery of 2 trapped climbers at Marmolata Buttress just to the West of Anvil Point. One of the climbers was trapped about 60' down the cliff, the other at the bottom. The lifeboats launched and were quickly on scene where they were able to illuminate the area and provide communications to the base of the cliff. Swanage and St Albans Cliff Rescue teams made swift work of recovering the casualties and the lifeboats were released having been on scene for just under 25 minutes. Both climbers were checked over at the cliff top and found to be none the worse for their ordeal.


Anonymous said...

Nice work John (and company).

Hope the cobwebs on the lifeboat weren't too much of a hindrance...

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