Wednesday, 7 March 2007

A healthy crew

So healthy and keen in fact that we have had to bring in a new training rosta to cope. This has come about due to the fact that over the years our crew size (like most stations) has grown considerably. This is due to the reality that many people now work out of town, work weekends, take holidays or for other reasons are not always available. So, we have a crew about triple the size that we need on paper to launch both boats.

Generally this works well. However, so keen are our present crew, that our exercises have begun to get a bit out of hand. Imagine the situation, everyone turns up, they all want to go to sea, we end up with 19 on the ALB and 6 on the ILB. Can't be done. Consequently Dave has come up with a cunning plan which involves crew signing up for exercises in advance. We all hope that this works as it could well lead to a higher quality of training.

Naturally if it doesn't work we will all blame Dave!

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