Friday, 30 March 2007

Robert Charles Brown Pass out

Simon Pryce (Divisional Inspector/South) begins his inspection at the sharp end.Richard Morris (RNLI Tech Surveyor) and Paul Spear (Deputy Divisional Engineer/South) discuss technical matters.Simon Pryce inspects the salvage pump.David Steele (RNLI Tech Surveyor) and Paul Spear check the port side fire main.Robert Charles Brown back alongside ready to be lifted from the water.Robert Charles Brown back in the hoist ready to go back into the yard for remedial work to be carried out.

Here's Dave's report on the day:

Myself, Simon Pryce & Paul Speare headed across to South Boats (Cowes, IOW) to meet staff from the yard & the 2 RNLI Tech Surveyors, Richard Morris (Hull) & Dave Steel (Machinery). The day went kinda like this

10:30 - Arrived at South Boats, tea & biscuits and a short chat about timings and what had been done on the boat.

11:00 - Taken to the boat so that we could have a look over her and list any problems that we found. This included mustering kit, checking things that I'd found on the last snagging trip & looking for bits that had been missed.

13:00 - Lunch

13:30 - Took the boat to sea to check the engines, electronics, pumps etc

15:20 - Back alongside

15:30 - Tea & debrief, snagging list completed and signed off.

16:15 - Back on the Red Jet back to Southampton.

There was very little wrong with the boat, most of the niggles that I'd found on the last visit had been sorted although I still wasn't happy with the USP throttle controls. Simon & Paul found a few other bits & bobs but nothing serious. The unfortunate thing was that the yard had managed to scratch the blue paint on the port side (only slightly) a few days before our arrival. They'd done it putting the boat alongside a pontoon and to say that they were a little annoyed is a bit of an understatement! They had touched the scratch up but Richard & Simon weren't happy. This meant that she was lifted out of the water & the whole of the port side will have to be resprayed. We are now aiming to pick her up the Tues/Weds after Easter (hopefully!)

Think that about covers it.



Thanks to Dave Turnbull for the photos.

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