Tuesday, 13 March 2007


There is no doubt, it is tough being a lifeboat mechanic. Dave here is ours (you can probably see the years of worry, stress and strain etched into his face). Of course we love him really, despite the fact that he nags us constantly.

His job is hard because he is the only full time employee at the station. He suffers long periods of inactivity with little to do (except planned maintenance - whatever that is?!) and is then expected to spring into action at a moments notice. Much of his job is administrative; sorting out crew problems, arranging exercise shedules, ordering spares and answering the phone and then some of it is practical; cleaning the boathouse, repairing broken bits on the boats and even keeping the slipway clear of rocks and weed.

As you can imagine, summertime is when it really pays to be a lifeboat mechanic. Hanging out at the boathouse, shades, shorts and 'T' shirt at the ready. A constant stream of interested visitors through the door to pass the time of day with. Then, not infrequently there is the excitement of a trip out on the boat when the pagers go off..........he is a lucky man.

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