Wednesday, 3 September 2008


The front page of the RNLI website states that, the aim of the RNLI is to save lives at sea. An important part of fulfilling that aim is to educate folk in how to develop good sea sense and go to sea safely.

So once a year we put on the joint spectacle of the build a boat competition and the raft race!

Here you can see the outcome of the build a boat competition. Clearly seaworthyness was far from the minds of some of the competitors whilst they were constructing their craft.

Although our very own Gav who built this craft for Kim to paddle clearly had a few ideas about what might make for a speedy craft (and she won)!

This chap didn't last very long...of course, we could have predicted this and warned him, it just wouldn't have been so much fun!

Over at the raft race there was a huge turn out and some superb craft. The 'Red Devils' here were crewed by staff from the Purbeck View school and included the Coxn's wife.

Our boys had a go too...and won once more (always welcome 'cos we make them donate the prize money back to the RNLI)!

This typically flamboyant raft was paddled by Rowing Club Chairman George Wallis and his good wife Sue.

Well done to all who took part in a superb days worth of activities. Great fun was clearly had by all and plenty of funds were raised. Thanks.

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