Monday, 29 September 2008

Good exercise

Yesterday morning both boats were at sea. Crew were pretty few and far between as it was Gav's birthday and everyone was off paintballing somewhere.

Those of us left had a sound exercise. With two probationers (Andy and Sam) along, we focused on the real basics of rigging up a tow. For example; how to make a rope off on the samson post, how to keep the rope in the water clear of the props, and how to surge the rope without loosing fingers. This all went well and we spent some time towing the rowing club pontoon about the bay. Just as we were finishing this we were asked by Portland to head out to sea to recover a dinghy which was adrift 7 miles out and had been spotted by the Barfleur. 20 minutes later we were alongside and took the opportunity to use it as a datum for a sector search. We then put the training into practise and Andy and Sam rigged the tow before we headed home.

I did of course take a load of pictures...however, I've no idea where my camera is so you'll have to bear with me! I'll post them once I've found it.

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