Friday, 26 September 2008

As promised

Here are some pictures from our emergency services day at school yesterday.

Ian Brown and Pip Hall from the coastguard were well practised at delivering this sort of presentation to school pupils.

Stephen and the rest of the Fire service team from Wimborne were not surprisingly pretty impressive in their spotless Fire engine.

Liam and Matt from the RNLI had no difficulty holding the kids attention with their awesome looking Atlantic 85 and Jet Ski.

Of course all the kids wanted to know exactly how many criminals Steven, Sarah and Matt had shot this week!

The answer was slightly disappointing for them but for me quite a comfort!

Steph and the ladies from the kitchen kept us very well supplied with tea, Coffee, Bacon sarnies and curry for lunch.

Everyone from all 4 services came along for lunch which must have meant they had enjoyed themselves too.

Thanks once again for coming...

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