Tuesday, 23 September 2008


One of the highlights of the boating year for me is the Southampton boatshow. I always like to visit and am often joined by my father from Spain. Naturally there is a strong RNLI presence there...this year there were effectively 3 stands and many cheerful volunteers spreading the word and raising funds and awareness. Much appreciated.
Our good friend Andy White was there running the 'Train one Save Many' roadshow. Seen on the left is his Mum (I think) taking part in the fun.

I bumped into the second Coxswain from Porth Dinllaen, Robert Jones, who was a friendly fellow. In true Welsh style almost the entire crew in Porth Dinllaen is called Jones (5), Williams (4) or Thomas (3). They are shortly to get a Tamar to replace their Tyne class ALB so I should imagine that they are pretty excited about the future of their station.

This young lad was taking the chance to admire an Atlantic 85. He had recently raised a very substantial sum of money for his local station through various fundraising activities. Much appreciated young man...well done!

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