Thursday, 25 September 2008


Well today was a busy day. I had organised an emergency services day at school so that all of our pupils could get a first hand impression of what all of the emergency services are capable of. I was delighted when everyone who said they would turn up did and was even more delighted to see that they seemed to be enjoying talking to our young people almost as much as they enjoyed it.

Naturally I took loads of pictures and promised to post a load of them up here...naturally I then forgot to bring the flippin' camera home! I'll do it tomorrow lads...I promise.

So a big thank you to Liam and Matt from the RNLI, Ian and Pip from the Coastguard, Steven, Sarah and Matt from the Wimborne Police station and finally Stephen and his team from Wimborne Fire Station. Thanks folks!

501 = my five hundred and first post......tonight.

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