Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Life's a drag or, on the pull.

I've previously said somewhere that one of the most thankless jobs on the crew is the shorecrew role. Imagine.......your pager goes race to the boathouse (obviously observing all speed limits and road traffic laws on the way) then wait to be picked to crew one of the boats. If you aren't you are left with a skin full of adrenaline and little to do by way of using it up. Sometimes those left behind slip off home because they have other important things to do. Others hang around and find ways of amusing themselves until the boat returns. If it's a long shout this can be a pretty dull wait.

Once we have a rough idea of when the boat will return then there are a few jobs to be done in is to pull the winch cable to the bottom of the slip, link up the haul up span and coil the heaving rope. Pulling the cable down is a pretty heavy job and, it gets harder the further down the slip you go (as you are pulling more cable).

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