Monday, 18 June 2007

Engine Failure off the Anvil

No sooner has john headed off to France than the beautiful high pitched tone of the pager goes off again. We had a launch request for the ALB at 15.37 today, the boat launched at 15.48. They have headed over to Anvil Point and have taken into tow a motor boat that was having engine trouble.

I'll post the details when they get back........ and here they are straight from the horses mouth (sorry Dave).

Date: 18/06/07, Launch time: 15:48, Recovery time: 20:35 , Wind speed: 5 , Wind direction: S, Sea state: Moderate , Weather: Fine, Visibility: Good, Casualty: Motor boat, Location: 4.5 Nm SSE, St Albans Hd

Crew: M. Steeden (Coxn), D. Turnbull, P. Elleray, C. Marks, T. Greasty, G. Steeden, A. Corben

Details: At 15:40 Portland Coastguard paged Swanage's DLA (Deputy Launching Authority) requesting the launch of the All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) to go to the assistance of a 54' motor boat that had lost all power about 4.5Nm SSE of St Albans Head. 2 of the 4 crew were suffering mild sea sickness and despite their best efforts they were unable to start either of the boat's engines. The Lifeboat launched at 15:48 and was alongside the casualty 'Sea Samba' just over 20 minutes later. The sea sick crew were quite happy to stay aboard their vessel so a tow line was passed across and the slow tow home began. Unfortunately strong Easterly winds were forecast so it meant a slightly longer tow back into Poole harbour. At 19:45 and with some assistance from Poole Coastguard 'Sea Samba' was secured to Poole Quay and the Lifeboat was released to return to Swanage.

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