Monday, 11 June 2007

Old friends

Out of the blue on Sunday I had a call from Roger Pardy-Bryan (known to us as Roger the Rother), present owner of Swanage's previous lifeboat the J.Reginald Corah. Now I have mentioned Roger a few times previously, mainly because it had come to our attention that he was selling her and thus would not be able to attend Lifeboat week with her as he has done ever since I can remember. Indeed, I had even been contacted by a broker of historic lifeboats asking for photos of her.

Well, today I am delighted to tell you that I spoke again with Roger this morning and he confirmed that he has taken the J.Reginald Corah off the market and he will be (in his own words) here in Swanage during lifeboat week if it is the last thing he does. Fantastic.........this means that once again, throughout the week, there will be trips available from the boathouse on the J.Reginald Corah to raise money for the station. As ever, this will be a highlight of lifeboat week for many visitors (and locals)!

Of course I am doubly delighted because Roger is a true friend of ours and this news means that he is in good spirits and health. One of life's consummate Gentlemen, Roger embodies all that makes one proud to be British: he gives without counting the cost, his loyalty to the RNLI and Swanage is un-swerving, no favour is too great and of course.......he knows the importance of a cup of fine coffee. Roger. We'll get the supplies in!

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Anonymous said...

Nice post!I am glad that you met your old friend.Cherish this bond forever!