Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Rogue's gallery

No lifeboat station would be the same without crew photos. Station archives tend to be a bit ad hoc, however, I've yet to visit one where crew photos are not present. Ours is now something like 5 years out of date and the make up of our crew is surprisingly different. Hence Martin wishes to re-do it. This time he wants to include all station personnel, including boathouse attendants and fundraisers. A great idea I think. Our team is, after all, far larger than just the sea going crew. So, now that our boat is back, on the 15th of July Martin wishes to gather the Swanage lifeboat clan: crew, shore crew, DLAs, LOM, Boathouse attendants, Fundraisers and anyone else involved. Of course these things are almost always complete chaos from start to finish so I intend to be there with my camera to record the fun........watch this space!

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