Saturday, 17 February 2007

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Nineteen minutes past 7. I'd just put the potatoes in to roast. All was good in the world. And then the pager went off. My sister is here visiting so there is no surprise that this was the moment chosen for our first shout of the year. Quickly the old routine kicked in. Kiss the children goodnight, grab a warm jumper, car keys, shoes on and then off. Hurrying but not being reckless.

At some point in the journey between home and the boathouse the second page comes saying which boat it is. In this case it was the ILB. Not a shout for me but still things to do. As I arrived in the boathouse there was already an ILB crew assembled. As it was nighttime they were wearing extra clothes and grabbing the 'night' bag containing extra searchlight, batteries and image enhancer. Steve Williams was dressing as the Helmsman and asked me to call the Coastguard to get a heads-up about what it was..........And as it turned out it was a gentle introduction to the lifeboating year:

Swanage Coastguard had been called by the owners of a dog that had fallen from cliffs near Old Harry and had searched the area to find that the dog was at the base of the cliff. As access by sea was the easiest option, they asked for the Swanage Inshore Lifeboat to assist and the ILB was launched shortly afterwards.

The collie, Ellie, was quickly found and transferred to the ILB for the short trip to South Beach, Studland, and the waiting Coastguard team. The Coastguards, along with the owners, arranged for the dog to be taken to a vet and the ILB was able to return to station.

The brave crew on this occasion were Steve Williams, Tom Greasty and Matt Steeden. Well done you valiant chaps!!

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