Monday, 5 February 2007

Keeping it in the family

Last week I mentioned Laraine Ogden, one of our tremendous TA's here at school, who is often called upon to hold the fort in my absence. Her burden is doubly large as many is the time that not only am I, but also her husband Dave is also called out.

Dave, all-round top bloke, biker, fellow Northerner and comic genius, is our site-manager here at school. He also volunteers as an Auxiliary Coastguard and is the Swanage Teams Deputy Station Officer. Not surprisingly we are often called out simultaneously. One minute we are talking face to face in school, 10 minutes later I hear his dulcet tones on the radio. I guess small communities are like that, we all operate in more than one sphere and work alongside each other in a number of different ways. Real community and real responsibility.

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