Thursday, 15 February 2007


Well, would you believe it. This is my one hundredth post and still no shout! When I started I could hardly have imagined that this much time would have passed with no action. Still, you seem to be coming to read it all the same........perhaps you are getting an authentic view of the lifeboat year? Anyway, I'm away on holiday next week so I am certain that there will be a full week of action whilst I'm away, there's bound to be!

In any case, it has not been without it's benefits. Gav turned up this morning to fix my staircase. As it happened, he didn't complete the job, however, I'm sure that now he has got started it won't be too long before he gets it completed!

We're sailing on a strange sea
Blown by a strange wind
We're sailing on a strange sea
Blown by a strange wind
Carrying the strangest crew
That ever sinned

(The Waterboys)


Savage Family said...

Enjoy your hols, look forward to the return of the blog after that.


Will said...

'Further up, further in!'

Another stunning pic! (See Alpha blog) I'm very envious!!

Nice to see a Waterboys quote.
One of their best songs is from Room to Roam which is based on words of George MacDonald - CS Lewis' mentor - which Lewis uses himself in the Narnia books.

Jewel the Unicorn in The Last Battle:

"I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now... Come further up, come further in!"

Deep magic!

[Have good hols]

lifeboatjohn said...

Thanks Mark, one more day to go!

Delighted that you are a fellow Waterboys fan Will. Fisherman's blues was the second Album I ever bought (Dire Straits - Brother's in Arms was the first). Room to Roam is sadly under-rated.........never realised that Further up-Further in was a reference to MacDonald and Lewis.

I'll leave you with more!

'I stepped aboard a ship that flew
It took me to wherever it wanted to
Far above the land, far above the sea
The dreamer and the doer agreed to agree'