Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Pipped to the post

Helo lift, originally uploaded by lifeboatjohn.

Well, I'm back from holiday and now firmly in the yoke again. Despite my gloomiest predictions of multiple shouts in my absence this didn't happen.........

However, at least I know now where all our shouts are going. It would appear that Poole lifeboat are taking to hanging around the harbour entrance on exercise in the hope of getting a few of ours! On Saturday they did just this and were tasked to rescue a small rib which had capsized off Old Harry. Not only that but Whiskey Bravo was also pipped to the post by an RAF rescue Helo! Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for both of us?


Anonymous said...

Well you've nearly got that right! Poole ILB was paged to deal with a capsized sailing dinghy near the training bank. Once they'd dealt with that they went to recover the rib. 'Victor Alpha' was in the area training and was tasked to the sailing dinghy first then the rib when the '999' call came in, they picked the guy out of the water and put him on the beach with Swanage Mobile. Still think we should have been sent to the rib though :o)

Savage Family said...

I saw that, and another shout recently, when Poole picked them up. Assumed it was because they were already at sea, as Swanage must be closer!

Hope you're only jesting with the bit about 'the end for both of us'.