Thursday, 8 February 2007

A wintry night

Well the forecast throughout the country was for snow last night. The order of the day on exercise was dressing warm. However, the predicted freeze didn't quite materialise, it was cold but not that cold.

We launched at 7 and in the ALB we proceeded westwards towards St Albans Head. Tom has returned from his NAVSAR (Navigation Search and Rescue) course at Poole so he undertook the navigation under my supervision......a very good job he did too. I would say that he has now arrived at a point where he can do the job. Well done. With an inexperienced helmsman, Tom conned the boat according to the route he had planned, in this way he gained experience and some less experienced helmsmen got experience on the helm.

On completion of that we came into the bay and anchored. This was intended to give young Oli a taste of working on the deck in a bit of sea and complete a seamanship evolution in the dark and cold. The trick here is to allow him to sense the dangers without actually being in danger. And it worked. There was a fair swell running and the boat was pitching all over the place, not an easy environment in which to work safely.

After re-housing the boat and washing her down it was off to the pub for a de-brief. Always a very popular part of the exercise!

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