Friday, 2 February 2007


Presently our youngest crewmember is 17 years old.......until the weekend that is. On Saturday night it is Oli's 18 birthday party. Oli is a quality recruit to the service. A keen sailor he has a good knowledge of boats and the sea. He is training to be an electrician so is technically able. He also has bags of enthusiasm and a very thick skin. This he needs. In the inevitable run of things Oli is the butt of our jokes. As the youngster he has to endure all manner of ridicule and leg pulling; sent for 'long waits', to fetch the 'Tartan Paint' and to ask the mechanic for a 'sky-hook'. And he takes all this in his stride. He is also a mean fiddle player and front man of his own band, 'Bus tours from Hell', they are a folk rock ensemble and will of course be performing on Saturday night at his birthday bash. Happy Birthday Oli. Welcome to the club.......

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