Sunday, 17 December 2006


Some of the best seafaring weather is to be found in December and this morning was no exception. The air was clear, sky cloudless and visibility exceptional........a good morning for an exercise.

The ALB was busy with various manoeuvres while the ILB indulged in a spot of 'Rockhopping'. Tremendous fun though this is, the intention is not merely to provide entertainment for our crew. The ILB is the perfect rescue craft for getting in close to the shore and cliff. To be able to do this safely the crew must know with certainty exactly what lies beneath the surface. The only way to train new crew in this is for an old hand to work each new crewmember up and pass on their knowledge by thoroughly exploring the shoreline. Steve Williams, our ILB senior Helmsman is passionate about this. Without doubt he is our rockhopping guru! (if you ask him nicely he may even tell you where all of the best caves are......)

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