Sunday, 17 December 2006

Old boys

Not all launches are on exercise or for shouts. Every now and then the boat will launch to mark a special occassion. Today just that happened.

Keith Pugh, Deputy Headteacher of our local Middle School, will retire this Christmas after many years teaching Swanage children. Included in these are a large proportion of our crewmembers. We thought it would be only fitting to mark his retirement with a trip down the slipway on a lifeboat crewed by old pupils. The real pleasure for me was observing Keith's amazement that so many complete reprobates should turn out to be such stalwart members of our community. I like to think that we may have restored Keith's faith in the value of his calling. The hard work was not all wasted.

I think he may also have been impressed with their mastery of a second language........Anglo-Saxon!

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