Friday, 8 December 2006

Lifeboat people

Becky, originally uploaded by lifeboatjohn.

Not surprisingly, the majority of our crew are male, however, we are very lucky to have two ‘probationary’ female crewmembers. Although they lack the strength of some of their male counterparts, they more than make up for this with finesse, tact and intellect, all worthy attributes. I have previously mentioned Jo Bowry, Local government Tourism Officer, superior dinner party hostess and fine addition to the station. Our other lady is Becky Mack, sister to James. By day Becky graces the counter of our local HSBC, she has also recently completed her training as an equine chiropractor?! Further she moonlights as a caterer for parties and still finds time to be our press officer………….clearly someone whose world is spinning faster than most.

Incidentally I ought to mention that Becky was a runner up in the RNLI photographic competition with her entry in the ‘best photo of an ALB’ category. She will get a lovely certificate in due course; I may let her use my new Pentax camera.

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Anonymous said...

What a charming woman! Congratulations on these dominant Gilmour, good genes, John.