Saturday, 23 December 2006

Bit part in your life........

How very exciting, I've just spotted on the MCA website that the 4th season of Seaside Rescue will start on January 3rd 2007 on BBC1 at 8pm. This is great as it is pretty avid viewing for most of the crew. In it, BBC film crews follow the lifeboat crews at Torbay, Weymouth, the coastguard Helicopter at Portland (Whiskey Bravo) and the beach lifeguards at Perranporth.

We are particularly avid because as flank station to Weymouth and on Whiskey Bravos patch we occasionally appear as 'guest stars'! I say appear, in all honesty you stand little chance of seeing anything other than one of our elbows or a distant shot of one of our boats........still, it keeps us happy. Have a watch and let me know if you spot us!

'I want a bit part in your life,
A walk-on would be fine.
I just want a bit part in your life,'
(The Lemonheads)

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