Saturday, 23 December 2006

Rest and recreation!

After a day of thick fog on Thursday, lifeboat weather at its very worst, yesterday dawned bright and cheery. The plan was unfurled for Senior Helmsman of the ILB - Steve Williams, myself and kayaking 'Jedi Master' Mark Rainsley, to paddle the west of our patch from Swanage along to Kimmeridge. There is always that slight twinge of apprehension when pleasuring oneself at sea on home turf that things might become embarrassing if it all goes wrong........thankfully nothing at all went wrong and we had a winter paddle that dreams are made of. An added bonus was that Mark is researching material for a new kayaking guidebook so was busy with his camera and managed to capture some great shots.

You may recall that Steve is our rockhopping expert. He particulary appreciated the chance to get in very close onto the Kimmeridge ledges and discover their true layout. It is little wonder they catch so many people out, very shallow and extending a long way out to sea. Take no risks here.

Thanks to the splendid (or should I say - smashing?!) Mrs Rainsley for providing the taxi ride in such style.

What is between the star and the sea ?
A bird as bright as a bird can be
What is between the bird and me ?
Only a star, only the sea
Only a star, only the sea
(The Waterboys)

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