Saturday, 9 August 2008

T- 1 and counting, Triathlon day is tomorrow (Sunday)

Daz and I went to register and collect our joining packs at lunchtime today. Because of the rubbish weather, registration was in the Mowlem community room on Swanage seafront. We also had to register the Gilmour's as they were both still away on a family holiday!
If anyone is planning to watch tomorrow then here are Team Swanage Lifeboat race numbers: Thanks to the RNLI fundraising department at divisional base for lifeboat vests
  • John Deas 424
  • John Gilmour 431
  • Liz Gilmour 46
  • Darren Tomes 99

Darren & Liz will be starting the swim at 6.45am!

Swim - Cycle transition hopefully between 7.10 - 7-20am

Cycle - Run Transition 8.25 -8.40 am

And finish between 9.30 - 9.45 am

Both Johns will be starting the swim at 7.20 am

Swim - Cycle transition hopefully between 7.45 - 7-55am

Cycle - Run Transition 9.00 -9.15 am

And finish between 10.05 - 10.20 am

Lets hope the weather is kind to us all, and Please come and support us if you can we will need it!

I will hand the blog back to John tomorrow for the results and some race details....

Pasta and early night tonight, lets hope the pagers stay silent!

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