Sunday, 10 August 2008

Job done.....

Well, finally the long awaited day has come. Team Swanage Lifeboat has completed the Swanage Classic Triathlon and, if I might be permitted to say, has done so in fine style.

We each had our own personal goals and mostly achieved them, so well done Darren, Liz and John (x2).

Later this evening when I have recovered a bit (and Kim has sent me her photos...hint, hint) I will post a few pictures of the action and tell a few stories about the event. For now though I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the crew, wives, girlfriends and mates who turned up so early to cheer us on, laugh and generally take the piss! You know who you all are (except Matt who's probably forgotten) so thanks, it was much appreciated. Mwa!


Anonymous said...

Well done to everyone!
feet up, cool beer me thinks
take care

Mart said...

Well done to all involved. Should think you all feel very proud. And Achey. And crampy. And are saying "never again" knowing full well you will.

Anonymous said...

Have a disc compiled as I speak John, the embarrassing ones and all...;-)