Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Another 2 Divers!

Another two missing divers on Sunday afternoon, this time missing from a local dive charter boat after diving aprox 300m North of Swanage Pier. Both the Swanage Lifeboats were tasked along with the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, the Swanage Coastguard and various local boats. Both lifeboats launched and started searching concentrating mostly on the area around the pier and around the moored boats. A few pairs of divers were located but none were the ones missing from the boat. After ten minutes or so of searching the two divers were located safe and well ashore on Swanage Pier so all units were stood down to return to station.

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bonnie said...

Very pleasant that all your lost divers have been turning up safe & sound this week!

Enjoy the blog tremendously. Thanks for sharing!