Monday, 18 August 2008

Lifeboat Sunday

Lifeboat Sunday kicked off with a shout first thing in the morning. Pretty unremarkable really except that it was Darren's first proper shout. A milestone in any lifeboating career, Daz will be pretty chuffed to have got out of the blocks.

Here he is admiring his handiwork having just set up the tow.

The new rescue helicopter Rescue 106 came over for a demonstration in the middle of the afternoon. Here James tries to look relaxed as he is lifted into her for the first time.

Thanks to Jeff and Dan Lander for providing our casualty vessel the 'Star of Hennock' (and for taking my youngsters to sea).

The First Aid demonstration was both realistic and well attended. Indeed it was a joy to watch with our crew looking confident and skillful.

As ever, the week concluded with the Lifeboat service on the Pier. The Rev Will Watts took the service while Nick did the talk (and excellent it was too).

Afterwards we took a turn around the bay with Will and a few other helpers and dignitaries before heading in to rehouse.

Dee and Emma were there and loving it! (Thanks for all of your help during the week)!

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