Friday, 1 August 2008

Swim, Bike, Run

Well, the training for our triathlon has gone surprisingly well. only 9 days now till the big day. We are all four of us pretty fit now and should be more than capable of completing the course!

Fundraising is going well too, so far our 'JustGiving' page has raised over a £1000 for the RNLI! People have been incredibly generous both with their money and their comments. I thought I'd include a few here. Of course there is still plenty of time for you to make a donation if you like. Perhaps if you are a regular reader and enjoy the blog you might consider a small donation? You can do so here if you wish.

-All the best - what fun you will have :@)
-Like you I want to be the best!
-Best of luck all - hoping at least one of you finishes ahead of Deas !
-Where's my trailer Deas?
-Good luck to you all :)
-Have fun.. Good luck!!! x
-All the very best, you can do it!
-Good luck, and try to enjoy it! (Go get 'the hill' John)
-Good on you all :)
-An excellent cause. Good luck to all of you !
-Mad as Hatters!!!
-Good luck and happy training.
-This should help you stay off the wine and women for a while - good luck!
-Have fun!
-Make sure you take both mobiles,you may need to call for help or I might need an order number!
-good luck
-£5 added for water wings
-I just hope the weather is kind
-JD quite a challenge, good luck to you all.
-Best of luck. You must be mad !
-Good luck Team Gilmour you mad bananas! What's wrong with a DVD and a packet of Pringles???
-Good luck
-Good luck John! Is Liz doing it as well?
-Good for you John, best of luck.
-Not my idea of fun! Good Luck.
-Why didn't you mention this before John? W you scared a fat northerner might have beaten you?? best of luck!
-Go for it! rather you than me!
-Good luck - my best time is 2.45 if you beat that I'll give another £10!
-Good luck
-Good luck x

On another note I am away for the next week in Denmark so John Deas will be picking up the baton with the blog. Wish him luck!

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