Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Young people

This is Sam, she is just in the process of joining the crew. Like many people in Swanage (me included) isn't a local, she hails from Middlesex and has recently moved into the area. She's clearly made of the right sort of stuff though as she has in the past been an active Scout and considered joining the police force. Presently though she works for her brother helping to clean and manage local holiday properties. She doesn't drive a car so must be one of our greenest crewmembers! I recently made the mistake of asking what her 5 favourite tunes are, she named 4 artists that I have never heard of........I must be getting old?

Talking of young people I have recently been following the journey of young Seb Green from Weymouth. He's reached Yorkshire and is presently holed up about a mile and a half from my Mother and Stepfather's home. It turns out that his dog, Flash, has had an accident so they are having to pause a few days to recuperate. Naturally I've offered my Mother's services for a spot of washing!

Tonight is an exercise and crewmeeting so fresh photos in the morning!

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