Friday, 28 March 2008

Slow Summer Drivers

This is my absolute pride and joy, my 1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Campervan (dormobile conversion)!  Obviously the paint scheme is different to the way it rolled out the factory, but it's basic state is all original.  She is also a joy to drive and holiday in.

VW Campers are one of those quirky obsessions, where you're either into them enough to go out and buy one - or just a casual adoring admirer (I simply refuse to believe that anyone out there could dislike them, so we'll just pretend that those people don't exist for now!).  Cool, it definitely is, quick, it definitely is not, when responding to a shout - it has actually been overtaken by crew on the way to the boathouse!

...whilst we're on the topic of slow vehicles... this is Johnny G's pride and joy.  Now, I'm no expert in the field of Land rovers - in fact I will freely admit to knowing virtually nothing at all.  But I do know three things, an astonishing number of the crew own them, they are all very different in looks, capabilities and plain noisiness, and they are all passionate about them.  

So chances are, if you see, or hear, a Landy this summer, blasting down the high street - it's more than likely one of the crew!  Don't forget to wave :)

p.s. If it's either of these vehicles you'll have plenty of time!

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Mart said...

Dude!! Nice camper! Lol I must admit to having never really had an interest in VW campers, UNTIL my regular crewmate (ambulance) decided to buy one (he denies it was a midlife crisis!) And now I am worse than he is. Its amazing how many of them you see around once your eyes are 'tuned' into seeing them! lol

Interesting posts. Thanks for posting in Johns abscence.