Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Lifeboat dog

This is Paul and his work mate Shiloe - the Border Collie.

It's not uncommon to show up at the boathouse and be greeted by Shiloe's black fluffy nose at the top of the stairs to our crew room - and a friendly one it always is too!

I think that 'Shi' rightly owns the title of Swanage lifeboat dog, due to the number of years he has been actively involved with our crew (though this may be contested by others who believe their dogs are more deserving of the title?).  
Though dogs, obviously, can't be taken on the boats, or be allowed to get in the way of winch activities, they do often provide plenty of fun, and of course company, for those who are left behind during shouts or even just exercises.  They are also big supporters of our lifeboat week activities (the dry land ones), which looks set to be another excellent one this summer!

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