Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Unsung heros

For a number of reasons I rarely seem to have included photos of certain crewmembers on these pages. To make up for it here are a couple of faces who rarely seem to feature here but are nevertheless committed and longstanding crewmembers.

Dan here joined the crew nearly 5 years ago. He is a crewmember on the ALB and ILB and is currently training to be a navigator onboard. He's the latest of a long line of Landers to fish our local waters and works (not the word his Dad Jeff would chose to use to describe what he does) with his father onboard his crabber the 'Star of Hennock'. He has a reputation on the crew for his carefully attended facial hair and his immense strength........we live in hope that one day he will succeed in growing a full beard and we will discover something that he can't lift.

Meanwhile James here has been on the crew of both boats since the turn of the millennium. Generally known as Jim he is a quiet kind of guy but excitable when provoked. By day he works as a CAD designer which means he is probably far more intelligent than he actually looks (apparently his IQ is 144 however we've seen little evidence of this). When not on the boat or at work he is most likely to be found hanging out the back of someone else's boat and describes his hobby as standing on boards (wake, snow & surf). He likes offroad driving but has yet to see the light and get himself a proper offroader. His lifeboating claim to fame is that he has been a calender boy on an RNLI calendar………fully clothed mind you!


Anonymous said...

Hi John You are all unsung heroes! any more thoughts on whether to write a book? have a nice easter and hope you get to enjoy your eggs without too many call outs! (I wont say the Q word)
Take care

Unknown said...

Also the best ILB 'jumper' on the crew at the moment - not a title to be taken lightly!