Thursday, 20 March 2008


I've said before that we often never hear the full story behind a shout. Sometimes we do but it can take time.

On the 22 August 2005 we launched at the request of Portland coastguard in response to a MayDay call from a local dive charter boat reporting the loss of a diver at the wreck of Kyarra. The diver was seen to surface some 30 metres from the dive boat holding onto his SMB (surface marker buoy) with his face mask and mouthpiece off. As the dive boat turned towards him the diver disappeared below the surface. Both lifeboats launched and started searching immediately. They were in due course joined by lifeboats from Weymouth and Poole and local charter vessels. Nothing was found. Last summer the unfortunate man's body was found by another diver near the wreck, almost 2 years to the day later.

Finally the inquest has been held and the coroner has recorded a verdict of accidental death. You can find more details here.

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Anonymous said...

I rememeber it well. We searched for over 6 hours. He was one of two we had within two weeks. The other was a woman, and I assume she may still be missing. A death is always very tragic, at least this family have been able to lay their loved one to rest.

Dave Corben