Saturday, 22 March 2008

Windy start

Well, it would seem that all the anticipated visitors to Swanage this Easter weekend have well and truly arrived. As I walked the dog this morning I watched crowds of people hurrying down to the town for morning teashop visits, breakfasts in cafe's and pottering time in the shops.

I also bumped into the lovely Kim and Becky, out with Ben (Gav's dog) - they too were battling with the strong windy gusts which seem to have arrived with the crowds.

It's another day for fundraising with the Swanage Sea Rowing Club. John Deas has got the crew organized to come into town this afternoon for a rowing competition against the fire brigade - winners get a crate of beer... should be a good turn out then!

Pics to follow later........


lifeboatjohn said...

Nice post Nick, what about the rest of the days action?!

P.S. I've also corrected the grammatical and spelling errors......oh and added a title and labels!!


Mart said...

Even on holiday you're still a school teacher...... lol

Good post nick, looking forward to hearing more from you

theboywebb said...

Away in body - but still very much with us in spirit hey mate?! P.s. What does grammatical mean? ;)