Friday, 7 March 2008

Silly season

I was woken this morning to a news report on Radio 2 talking about Dexter the dog and his fall. The Telegraph newspaper also has a piece in it this morning including a comment from Becky. Sadly this carried a photo of the dog and not the lovely Becky. I'll make up for that omission here.

Thanks to Andy who also spotted these mentions online in the Mirror and the Echo(now get back to work Andy).


Anonymous said...

Hi John
Lovely story, and lets hope it makes people think and remind them to keep their dog on a leash, accidents can happen so quick, looks like we in for a bad storm tommorow so take care and batten down the hatches!!
take care

lifeboatjohn said...

Thanks for that Joan. It's funny isn't it how it's the animal stories which always make the news!

It certainly looks as though the weather is brewing, it's a good stiff Force 5 just now and looks to be setting in worse.

We're on exercise tomorrow so I'll get lots of photos and keep you posted!