Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Medical and Survival Sub Committee

It seems as though our time spent as guinea pigs for the new style first aid training was time well spent. Last Wednesday Paul Savage travelled to London to make his presentation to the Medical and Survival Sub-Committee of the RNLI. This sub-committee is composed of a number of Trustees of the RNLI Needless to say they are a fairly awesomely important bunch of people, including: Admiral Sir Jock Slater (Former 1st Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff), Admiral the Lord Boyce (Guess what, former 1st Sea Lord! and Chief of Defence Staff) and also Roger Vickers (The Queen's Orthopedic surgeon). Also present were Mike Vlasto, Howard Ramm and David Shepherd from the RNLI.

I was particularly thrilled to hear that Paul used material from the blog as part of his evidence for the success of the course. By all accounts those present were, not by the blog, but by the new course. It seems that it has met with their approval and, subject to them witnessing a course in progress, it will in due course be ratified by them. Wise men...........

As an aside, Paul was seen on telly last week in a rubber suit on the 'One Show' film. He was a bit gutted that the camera angle made it look like he had a developing bald spot...........they say that the camera never lies!


Mack said...

John, Don't know if you would be interested in posting other stories about other units of the RNLI, But here is one from Ireland.
Regards, John Mack
Portrush lifeboat recovery suspended
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 16:29

The RNLI has suspended an effort to free a lifeboat which became grounded overnight near Rathlin Island off the Co Antrim coast.

The operation will resume tomorrow after a failed attempt by a tug boat from Derry to free the vessel at high tide today.

The Portrush lifeboat was thrown onto rocks by a large wave as its crew attended an emergency call.

No-one was injured in the incident and those on board the stricken boat were taken to safety by the Coast Guard.

Mack said...
Forgot the weblink

Anonymous said...

hi John I read on teletxt sadly the man saved on Sunday has died of his injuries, very sad weekend for all concerned,
take care

Anonymous said...

So its a little thin.........!!!
Not that I am sensitive at all.
Hitting the big 40 this June - so no reminders necessary. Soon I will have less hair than Wing-Co.

lifeboatjohn said...

Thanks Mack, I may leave the story out on acount of it's sensitivity!

Joan, thanks as always for you thoughts. I was very sad to hear of his death, such a waste. (On a related note I've just done an interview with Fire FM to give some comments on how people can keep safe on the coast).

Paul, I like that......little thin....Hah!!

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