Thursday, 17 January 2008

Training partner

A couple of weeks ago John Deas decided that he too would like to train for and take part in the Swanage triathlon. So I have a training partner. And believe me John makes a good training partner. You see, he's ever so slightly competitive and so he is always going to make you go that little bit further and try that little bit harder.

So on Tuesday we went to the pool and churned out 1500m which is a good addition to the training so far. We hope to do this each Tuesday and perhaps also get a bike ride in together every now and then.

Of course the funniest thing is that John understood that we were going to do the Sprint distance triathlon (400m swim, 15 mile cycle and 4 mile run). Imagine his horror then on discovering last night that in fact we're going to do the full Olympic distance (1500m, 40km and 10km). Luckily John is not the sort of person to back out of anything.

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