Sunday, 20 January 2008


Not every day do you get to see a Dolphin close up. When you are stood on the quayside at low water this is actually something you would rather not see. Sadly today a beautiful common dolphin was washed into Swanage bay entangled in some fishing rope. It was in a significant amount of distress.The quick thinking Mike Cemm from the sailing club got into the water in a drysuit, untangled the creature and guided it out into deeper water.After a distressing amount of time floundering on it's side looking distinctly unwell, it gathered it's strength and headed out into deeper water.Swanage Coastguard attended the incident and this is what they had to say about it:

Yet another unusual incident today, a report of a dolphin in distress by the stone quay had part of the team head off to see what was going on. On arrival a large crowd was gathering around this common dolphin which was in some distress due to being caught up in some rope. It is not the role of the Coastguard to rescue dolphins as there are specialist marine mammal units that do this, however we do have to protect the area and with a large crowd gathering, a concern someone was going to fall from the quay or interfere with the dolphin. The wheels of motion were in place with the RSPCA and members of the Durlston Marine Watch being consulted on the best way forward, when a member of the public in a wet suit started to assist the dolphin out into deeper water having removed the rope. For a short while it appeared the dolphin was going to beach itself again however it slowly headed out to deeper water and was last seen heading off towards Old Harry.I rather hope it is still OK.


Anonymous said...

As a coordinator for British Divers Marine Life Rescue, firstly, Great result!
Although I am just guessing it is a typo when you say about covering the blowhole with water, as that really isn't a good thing. Bit like throwing a cupful up your nose ;)
Loving the blog, and really glad you went past the year, as I 'found' you late


lifeboatjohn said...

Not typo....just confusion about what was happening! I've amended it. The creature did seem to pick up strength after about 1/2 an hour and then headed out into deeper water. It looked as if it might be OK.


René Seindal said...

Great that you people did something about it. Most often people will just stand there and point, without doing anything at all to help.

Mart said...

good job well done. :o)

mech said...

Mike got a bit wet as he found a couple of holes in his dry suit

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the Poole Coastguard Team assisted with the removal of a dead common dolphin from the beach at Bournemouth late on Monday afternoon.
Looks like your dolphin may not have recovered.