Sunday, 7 March 2010

Young Charlie

Young Charlie here is a lifeboat fan.

This 5 year old from Bristol has been a lifeboat enthusiast since he visited a 'B' class lifeboat last year. Since then he has been asking to visit a bigger lifeboat.

So his Mother arranged for him to visit us on the day after his 5th birthday and these photos show his obvious delight at his visit.

In an incredibly generous act he raised £125 from his birthday money and donated it to the RNLI.

Thanks are an amazing young man!


Savage Family said...

That's fantastic! Funny how lifeboats capture young boys, you will recall Samuel's fascination with them a couple of years ago.

Hope you are well John. We are slowly settling in here in Australia, I will send you an email soon with more info.


lifeboatjohn said...

Ha, funnily enough, I was thinking of you and Samuel as I wrote that Mark. Glad to hear that you are settled and well.

Regards to all.


Unknown said...

Now that is pretty awesome for a kid of his age. All credit to him and his parents :)

Thats put a smile on my face for today!

Anonymous said...

My 4yr old is exactly the same an makes his boats wi lego.