Sunday, 14 March 2010


Some days just take your breath away. Today was one of them. As a special mother's day treat I left Liz alone and went out for a paddle in the kayak.

I put the boat in at Shell bay in Poole harbour and then paddled out of the harbour and across Studland bay towards Old Harry. The tide and wind were at my back and the sun in my face as I passed some riders out from Studland Stables on the beach.

Passing through Old Harry I glanced back and caught a small yacht framed in one of the arches.

Looking the other direction moments later I caught sight of Pinnacle framed in another!

Heading across Swanage bay I passed numerous friends out on the water including Mrs Coxswain out in one of the Pilot Gigs.

Then stopped for a quick chat with Dave T out with the wonderful Angela before home for lunch and Mother's day cake baking with the girls.

Awesome I think you'll agree?


Savage Family said...

Great post John. Have yet to take to the water over here in Australia as I am working far too much at the moment. Two weeks off coming up, so hopefully will start to explore the area.

Martin said...

Nice shots John. just caught me in the background of the last one

lifeboatjohn said...

Ah, thought it might have been you Martin! Was lovely out there wasn't it?