Saturday, 27 March 2010

Before 'n' After

Our boathouse is rather small and we often struggle to find space for training and storage. So when two old buildings behind the boathouse came up for rent it was decided to put a bid in for them. The first is the old Coastguard hut which we hope will in time become usable as a teaching space both for crew and for visiting school groups.

The other is an old munitions store and toilet block for the coastal defence battery which used to inhabit Peveril point.

It has been empty for some time now and with some work will make a good store for all of our Guild's fundraising supplies.

Today we held a work party for a couple of hours to clear all of the junk out of the two buildings in preparation for making them properly weather and water tight.
Tom took three or four loads up to the tip in his pickup.

While Dave, Kev and John cleared all of the growth off the roof.

By the time I left we had three relatively empty and clean spaces ready to begin work on their transformation in to usable spaces...watchthis space!

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