Friday, 26 February 2010

Bowled over

Life remains busy and I am sadly very behind on posts here. The annual guild bowling extravaganza has finished and Colin Brixton was kind enough to send some photos over.

Knowing such a little about the sport of bowling (thought I have heard that the definition of a sport is any activity which can't be undertaken while smoking a pipe so perhaps bowling isn't a sport but rather an activity?) I feel unable to comment on what is shown here.

nevertheless, the competition has clearly been fiercely competed and, as importantly, enjoyed by all who have taken part in it. I understand it has also raised a significant sum of money.

Anyway, no sooner is this over and done with than Robin informs me that the summer croquet competition is about to begin:


I've just put to bed our fundraising at The Indoor Bowls Club on Wednesday 17th only to be approached to start organising our summer event of The Croquet Competition which runs for several months commencing early Summer. We have to start advising prospective teams etc in March, in the meantime I have been busy distributing Posters advertising The Fairtrade Tea Party @ Swanage URC Hall. The Guild are organising the Refreshments & there will be a RNLI Souvenir Stall. The event will be held from 2.30 - 4.30 on Saturday March 6th, lets hope it's well supported & we generate some more funds for The Lifeboats!


I hope that any local reading this will feel able to support these events...

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